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Surface grinding

Grinding is performed in automatic mode on several machines depending on the dimensions of the parts, type of surface and other requirements. After assigning the grinding mode, machining accuracy and machining time from the machine’s control panel, the other parameters are controlled by the machine. The grinding process is carried out to obtain the appropriate structure and degree of surface smoothness and we use high quality abrasive discs.

We perform:

  • surface grinding,
  • tool regeneration.

Surface grinding services

Surface grinding is performed by three grinders for flat surfaces.

Proth PSGS 2550 Ah:

  • machining height in the Z axis: 410 mm,
  • dim. detail in the X axis: 600 mm,
  • dim. detail in the Y-axis 280 mm.

Jotes SPD 30

  • machining height in the Z axis: 450 mm,
  • dim. detail in the X axis: 1000 mm,
  • dim. detail in the Y axis: 300 mm.

Jotes SPD 20

  • machining height in the Z axis: 430 mm,
  • dim. detail in the X axis: 500 mm,
  • max. dim. detail in the Y axis: 200 mm.

We grind metal plates made of tool steel designed for the construction of instruments, fastening tools, punches, blanking dies and crimping tools. We provide the required surface class, accuracy of cutting edges.

We have an experienced staff of grinding machine operators, an appropriate tool stock, which guarantees a high quality of implementation of this operation. We also use roller grinders and appropriate hand grinders to perform grinding on hard-to-reach
and other non-flat surfaces.

Regeneration of tools

The technology used for sharpening, repairing cutting of tools, cutting elements and cutting units as well as other instruments that require periodic inspection and regeneration. An experienced team of operators and technologists, solves related technical issues. We implement specialized, unconventional customer orders for the production of new cutting tools: dedicated cutters and cutting elements.

Examples of solutions