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CNC milling: semi-automatic and automatic

We use CNC milling for machining of various types of sheets, profiles and sections: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ABS elements, pressure injections of various metal alloys. We perform machining simultaneously in three axes.

We make surfaces of various roughening and structure classes. Specialized tools allow us to create various shapes of holes, inclinations, phases and channels. We provide high quality products with an accuracy of several microns. We use the technology for the production of models, small and medium series of products, elements of small injection moulds and precision blanking dies.

Semi-automatic milling is performed by means of the AVIA machine model FNE 40N, equipped with a Heidenhain CNC controller.



table working surface 400 x 800 mm
mass of the workpiece 400 kg
tool travel X axis - 620 mm, Y axis - 420 mm, Z axis - 400 mm
rotational speed of the tool up to 4000 rpm.

Automatic milling is performed by means of the Agie Sharmiles machine Mikron VCE 800Pro model, equipped with Heidenhain TNC530 CNC controller.



table working surface 910 x 500 mm
max. mass of the workpiece 1100 kg
maximum tool travel - X axis - 800 mm, - Y axis - 500 mm, - Z axis - 540 mm,
tool speed up to 10000 rpm
rapid travel of the x and y axes 24 m/min
rapid axis travel from 20 m/min

Our Creo CAD / CAM software enables our experienced programmers to develop off-machine work software and its on-line transmission to the stand without interrupting the current machining process. We accept various formats of source files of products ordered by the client, and we also develop milling control programs based on 2D documentation.

Examples of solutions