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Spot welding

It enables permanent joining of two or more parts by partial spot weld penetration of the sheet material. We perform this operation with the use of ASPA welders of various power, based on the control programs stored in the machine memory with set parameters: current value, electrode pressure force, electrode shortening time. The number of programs used (cycle types) depends on:

  • material type of welded elements,
  • their thickness,
  • the necessary spot breaking strength.

The developed and saved programs are the result of work and experience of our technologists.

We also have practical knowledge in welding together two elements made of different types of sheet metal. This solution is used when other technologies of combining these elements, for a given case, cannot be used.

The repeatability and quality of production are ensured through the preparation and effective use of various types of instruments, templates and other positioning elements (clamps, vises, etc.).



max. short-circuit current 21 kA, 6.66 V
max. permanent welding power 35 kVA
max. dimensions of electrode entry depth 380 mm

Examples of solutions