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Cutting and punching

It consists in cutting or punching of flat, cold or hot rolled sheets made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, parts of various, complex external and internal shapes, and holes of various shapes and sizes.  The choice of cutting or punching technology depends on the design assumptions, operational requirements, sheet metal thickness, and further processing.

We use one of two technologies:

  • laser cutting,
  • mechanical punching.

Laser cutting

The laser cutting is carried out using the Trumpf machine – the TruLaser 3030 Fiber model with a power of 4kW, using a concentrated laser beam and the appropriate cutting head. The sheet of metal is placed on the appropriate table. Nitrogen and oxygen are used as factors regulating the efficiency of the cutting process.

The technology is used for cutting sheets with thicknesses up to 20.0 mm, various complex shapes, both for prototype series and medium production series. This technology does not require special tools expect for, a ten or so interchangeable cutting head nozzles with different diameters.

The advantage of this technology is a greater percentage of input material use (less waste) and a lower risk of mechanical surface damage.

The advantage of this technology is very high accuracy of cutting+/- 0.2 mm and high repeatability of operations.

It is also possible to use a machine for cutting sheets with thicknesses up to 20.0 mm.
Laser cutting is performed for sheets made of:

  • aluminum,
  • steel,
  • stainless steel.

We develop executive programs based on appropriate construction files in various formats.

The stand is equipped with a sheet metal lifter with a load capacity of 850 kg.

Trumpf laser cutting machine model TruLaser 3030 Fiber 4kW specification:

  • sheet metal size: 3000 mm x 2000 mm;
  • sheet weight: 900 kg;
  • sheet thickness: up to 20.0 mm;
  • control: Sinumerik 840 DSL;
  • the machine is equipped with two tables changing automatically;
  • torgue type drive in combination with direct table drives.

Examples of solutions

Mechanical punching

It is performed using the STRIPPIT PX-1225 punching machine. We use high quality sets of stamps and dies with different shapes, mounted in the appropriate tool sockets of the machine.

We use this technology for punching sheet metal of small thicknesses from 0.4 mm – 8.0 mm and for large production series, due to the short time of a single impact.

We have a very large collection of tools and constantly supplement it with new shapes of holes, blanking dies and cutting elements. We provide a very high punching accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm for a length of 1000 mm and high repeatability.

It is possible to punch steel, stainless steel, aluminium sheets and additionally textolite, polyurethane, ABS plates. We develop executive programs based on appropriate construction files in various formats.

STRIPPIT PX-1225 punching machine specification:

  • 20 tool sockets. If 20 rotary tool sockets are used in the Multitool system, it is possible to arm the machine with 200 different tools at the same time;
  • 3 clamps fastening sheet metal sheets and a table equipped with brushes;
  • format of cut sheets: 2500mm x 1250 mm;
  • format of cut sheets using repositions: 4000mm x 1250 mm;
  • sheet thickness: 0.4 mm – 8.0 mm;
  • sheet mass: up to 150 kg;
  • the punching machine has Fanuc 160iPB controller.

Examples of solutions