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Screen printing

It is a technology that enables precise single-colour or multi-colour printing on many types of parts and subassemblies with flat surfaces, complex shapes, made of various materials. We print on parts made of metal or plastic, smooth and porous. We print on any type of sheet:

  • stainless,
  • powder coated,
  • galvanized.

The technology is suitable for applying descriptions to face plates of casings, applying logos to products, applying descriptions to keyboards, applying various information and markings, as well as safety signs.

We offer:

  • consultation regarding the implementation of the design of the inscriptions and logos or the implementation of the entire project,
  • use of client documentation in various formats,
  • design and implementation of necessary sieves and tools,
  • selection of high-quality materials from reliable suppliers,
  • making durable inscriptions with high abrasion resistance, high resolution and aesthetics.

We have two stations equipped with very precise tools for positioning the print.

Examples of solutions

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