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Ultrasonic welding

We perform ultrasonic welding of elements made of ABS, which provides a durable connection without the use of glue or other additional materials, using the Sonic Tech ultrasonic welding machine model Thorn +.

ABS components must be properly designed and manufactured in order to enable edge bonding using very high frequency and dedicated sonotrode. We prepare the process very carefully, by designing the appropriate sonotrode for a given set of elements to be welded, and at the implementation stage we select the appropriate parameters, such as intensity and field strength, pressure force, operation time and the height of the top piston descent from the sonotrode head.

Technological parameters SonicTech model Thorn +:

  • power: 4000 W,
  • adjustable value of welding pressure,
  • adjustable pressure and release pressure,
  • adjustable welding path with an accuracy of 0.01 mm,
  • table size: 300 x 300 mm;
  • frequency of work: 20 kHz.

The possibility of recording these process parameters, ensures the repeatability of the cycle in every unit of time, for each piece of welded elements. The optimal set of parameters in the welding machine controller and the operator’s experience and precise positioning instructions guarantee the reliability and tightness of the connection along the entire length of the welded edges of the assembly.

The technology is dedicated to components manufactured in large series and when the use of glue does not guarantee the strength of the welding , tightness and aesthetics.