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Bundles assembling

We make bundles of cables or wires, as well as various types of multi-wire cables, supplementing them with connectors. Cutting wires from a roll to size and the correct removal of insulation is prformed automatically on the Komax machine model Gamma 255.

The machine programmed and controlled from a dedicated desktop, has 4 machining cycles plus cut to size. Additionally, it is equipped with tinning modules and two holders for attaching applicators. Then we tin the ends of the wires, clamp the different pins using a large range of dedicated applicators.

Technological parameters of the Kommax model Gamma 255:

  • min. cutting length: 15 mm,
  • max. cutting length: 10 000 mm,
  • min. wire cross section: 0.0123 mm2,
  • max. wire cross section: 2.5 mm2,
  • performance for cutting up to 500 mm – 10.000 wires per hour
  • kneading force: 20 kN,
  • two independent tinning modules with a content of 16 kg of lead-free tin content each.

The single wires made in this way are used for manual assembly of the final bundles. The pins are mounted in the appropriate connector housings, and where it is necessary, the sockets, plugs and transducers are soldered. In the production of bundles we use only high quality materials from renowned producers.

For bundles assembled from various types of multi-wire cables, we semi-automatically clamp the pins at their ends. Each bundle is tested by means of appropriate testers to check the quality of each connection, which we design and manufacture ourselves, based on our many years of experience and applicable standards.

Examples of solutions