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Finished products assembly and testing

The assembly of products is carried out on production lines with a forced tact or in a specialized stand system. It depends on the length of the production series and the economics of the process. Our experienced team of production engineers knows the implemented equipment, models and balances the assembly process, selects the optimal number of assembly stands and optimal cycle times so that each employee’s action brings added value to the product. We develop instruments that facilitate and accelerate the assembly process. We make instruments on ourselves, which enables us to minimize costs.

To minimize production costs, ensure repeatability of the assembly process and its highest quality, each production stand is equipped with pneumatic and electric tools (pneumatic screwdrivers, air ionizers, glue dispensers, silicone dispensers, etc.).

The assembly of devices is usually divided into stages:

  • assembly,
  • functional testing of the product,
  • long-term testing (heating),
  • final testing,
  • final inspection,
  • cosmetics.

We have two assembly lines of 60 m, with a regulated controller and the option to program the cycle time. The lines can be quickly modified and reset for the assembly of various products. They are equipped with assembly stands and testing stands, continuous dynamic testing (aging), cosmetics and packaging. They allow for the assembly of products weighing up to 100 kg and with the dimensions 800 x 800 x 800 mm. The devices are assembled directly on the assembly line. At each subsequent stand further subassemblies are added to the device.

In order to meet every task, the assembly line, is adjustable (in a horizontal position), has a working width of 0.5 m. The subassemblies are delivered to the line in containers protected against ESD, through adjustable roller feeders, easily available to employees. The assembly process is monitored and verified by the employees of the quality control department. All assembled components are registered in the electronic database, so that the history of the device assembly can be replayed at any time.

When assembly on a line with a forced production cycle is unprofitable, product is assembled in a specialized stand system. The organization of the specialized stand system is adapted to the specificity of the product. The most popular is the setting of stands in the shape of letters U or L. The stands in the specialized stands system are equipped similarly to the stands of the production line. They enable assembly of products with the dimensions of 2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm. The assembly process in the specialized stands system is also monitored and recorded in an electronic database.

Examples of solutions