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Electronic Manufacturing Services

We assemble electronic subassemblies on production lines or in a specialized stands system. The choice of assembly method depends on the volume of the production and the economics of the process.

Our experienced team of production engineers know the subassemblies being implemented, models and balances the assembly process, selects the optimal number of assembly stand. We develop instruments that facilitate and accelerate the assembly process. We make instruments ourselves, which allows us to minimize costs.

To minimize production costs, ensure repeatability of the assembly process and its highest quality, each production stand is equipped with pneumatic and electric tools (pneumatic screwdrivers, air ionizers, glue dispensers, silicone dispensers, etc.).

The assembly of subassembly is usually divided into stages:

  • assembly,
  • functional testing of the subassembly,
  • packing,
  • final inspection.

The subassemblies are assembled directly on the production line. The parts are delivered in containers protected against ESD, easily available to employees.

The assembly process is monitored and verified by the employees of the quality control department. All assembled subassemblies are registered in the electronic database, so that the history of the assembled subassembly can be replayed at any time.

When the assembly on a production line is unprofitable, the subassemblies are assembled in a specialized stands system. The organization of the specialized stands  assembly system is adapted to the specifics of the subassembly. The stands in the specialized stands  system are equipped similarly to the stands of the production line. The assembly process in the specialized stands system is also monitored and recorded in an electronic database.

The assembly of PCB’s in THT technology takes place in our location on the Universal family machines, while the SEHO soldering machine is used for mechanical soldering. We perform the assembling in SMD technology, in cooperation with several proven Polish companies that have modern, very efficient automated production lines. We use modern stations of integrated circuit programmers as well as PCB’s for writing control programs and firmware. In the production of electromechanical subassemblies we use dedicated testers made by us to check the functionalities of subassemblies and to measure the indicated mechanical and electrical parameters.

Examples of solutions