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Electronic products assembly

As an experienced production company, we perform the highest quality assembly of electronic products, functional testing and packaging of these products, in accordance with applicable standards (IPC-A-610D), regulations and customer requirements. Thanks to our extensive experience and our staff, we are ready to produce more or less complex, ready-made electronic products. On the production premises we have appropriate EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area) zones, in production we use materials and technologies compliant with RoHS.

Outsourcing professional assembly of devices from us can bring the customer concrete, measurable benefits, including a reduction of costs up to 50% thanks to:

  • production of the product from the documentation stage to the finished product stage in one company and in one place,
  • purchase of materials and components directly from producers with larger discounts resulting from the scale of our production,
  • using devices supporting the assembly process,
  • balancing the assembly process on the production line after prior verification of the initial state of the assembly process,
  • storage of products, components and materials in our company;
  • distribution on the territory of Poland, Europe and the World;
  • servicing devices, elimination of personnel and social problems.

We use proven methods of production identification, analysis of qualitative data collected in the process, with the support of the SAP ERP system. Depending on the volume of production, technological capabilities resulting from the specific product design, we adjust the appropriate production methods. We use high-quality machines, tools and technological instruments, we ensure repeatability of production and minimize the frequency of product failer. We set high quality and deadline requirements for our external materials and services suppliers and we use appropriate methods to control them at the delivery stage.


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