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Environmental tests

ELZAB Tests and Calibration Laboratory performs environmental tests of finished products, subassemblies and materials during operation, transport and storage. The laboratory has a professional climate chamber with a capacity of about 340 litres, used to simulate different temperatures and air humidity.

Characteristics of the climate chamber:

  • temperature range: from –40 °C do + 180 °C,
  • range of relative humidity regulation: from 10% to 98% RH,
  • option to program complex environmental conditions (change of parameters in time, controlled speed of change of set parameters),
  • maximum rate of temperature changes: heating 4.5 °C / min, cooling: 3 °C/min
  • chamber capacity: 336 l,
  • internal dimensions of the chamber: 601 x 810 x 692 mm (width x depth x height);
  • registration of chamber operation parameters and additional device operation parameters.

The laboratory performs tests according to the requirements specified in the following standards:

  • PN-EN 60068-2-1 – cold test up to -40 °C;
  • PN-EN 60068-2-2 – dry heat test up to 180 °C;
  • PN-EN 60068-2-14 – change of temperature test;
  • PN-EN 60068-2-30 – damp heat, cyclic (cycle 12h + 12h);
  • PN-EN 60068-2-67 – damp heat, steady state, accelerated test primarily intended for components;
  • PN-EN 60068-2-78 – damp heat, steady state;
  • according to individual procedures specified by the customer.

We also perform aging tests under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.