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We have 50 years of experience in the production of our own complex devices, including electronic and mechanical subassemblies. Over 850,000 devices working on the market and ISO certificates held for years demonstrate the effectiveness and quality of our production processes.

For several years, we have also been using our production experience for contract production for our clients. The number of our customers and the range of products and subassemblies manufactured for them is constantly increasing.

We have a unique and comprehensive set of production skills that allows us to satisfy different customers who reach us when they:

  • have only an idea and sometimes a model of the device or subassembly;
  • have documentation but not having production capacity;
  • have experience in the production of the product, but limited production capacity;
  • are looking for a supplier of specific subassemblies or technologies.


All customers are important and interesting for us, regardless whether they need repeatable serial production or occasional production in short series.

We support our Partners with knowledge, know-how and experience at various stages of product designing.

Depending on the needs of our customer we offer:

To customers who do not have full documentation, we  complementary offer adaptation of the documentation or its development based on an idea or model. We also offer to our customers the distribution of manufactured devices or subassemblies to selected locations in Poland and abroad.

We have been manufacturing since 1969

From the beginning of the company's existence, that is from 1969, we design and manufacture high-tech devices (electronics, IT, mechanics). We are able to adapt to the changing market, changing technology. We successfully enter new industries.

We are known for high quality

We are known for the high quality and reliability of our products and continuously improve our quality management system.

We are known in Poland

Currently in Poland we are known as one of the main producers of fiscal cash register and fiscal printers. In the last 24 years, over 850,000 of our devices have been delivered to stores;

We offer a comprehensive service

We offer a comprehensive production service, as well as the production of electronic and mechanical subassemblies to our customers, enabling them to focus on achieving their own business goals, not on the production and purchase of parts.

We help in the development of documentation

To customers who do not have full documentation, we offer adaptation of the documentation or its development based on an idea or model.

We support our customers with our know-how

We support our Partners with our know how, knowledge and experience at every stage of product development.

We analyse the context of product use

We also analyse the context in which devices ordered from us are used and the purpose for which they are used – so that our customers’ customers are satisfied, too!

We assemble parts on behalf of the customer

Our offer includes purchases and picking of elements and parts.

The ERP system supports us

The purchasing, production and distribution process is supervised by the ERP system.

Small or large production?

We are open to any challenge and flexible, ready to produce small, medium and large series of products.

We distribute the equipment and parts ordered from us

We also offer to our customers the distribution of the manufactured devices or subassemblies to selected by them locations in Poland and abroad

Submission of the offer inquiry to Elzab

The customer sends his inquiry in a way he thinks appropriate, on his own initiative or as a result of prior contact on our part. Most often this is an email inquiry. We analyse the received query, and promptly respond to it, signalling the need to clarify technical details. We suggest signing a confidentiality agreement to protect the customer's interests.

Determining technical details and preparing the offer

In subsequent contacts (via e-mail, telephone, direct) we determine the technical details of the inquiry, what documentation the customer has, what are the quantitative needs, expected delivery times, price range. Based on these findings, we prepare an offer that specifies the scope, price, delivery deadlines and commercial terms. If the customer does not have full documentation, we offer assistance in its adaptation or development.

Acceptance of the offer, sending the order for samples

The customer analyses our offer, raises questions or comments, accepts the offer or negotiates it. After accepting the offer, we suggest that the customer an order for sample, the customer places the order.

Production of samples in accordance with customer requirements

We confirm the acceptance of the order for samples, the date of delivery, we produce samples and send them to the customer. In the case of assistance in adapting or preparing documentation, we prepare it first.

Acceptance of samples, order of serial production

The customer examines the samples and accepts or submits comments. Then we agree on the necessary changes and if necessary, produce another series of samples. After accepting the samples, the customer places an order for serial production at a convenient time.

Launch of serial production

We confirm the acceptance of the order and the date of delivery, we start serial production, we deliver products to the customer. Most often, we send a suggestion for a contract governing the implementation of subsequent orders and deliveries, guarantees, payments and sign it bilaterally.

Joint success, expanding cooperation with new projects

We analyse customer satisfaction with deliveries, we propose its extension with additional services and projects. We try to continue cooperation as long as it is interesting for the customer.